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Use Amazon SES to send and parse email

Chris, I would love to see an episode on using Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES). I'm building an app that can send mass emails (10,000+ at once), and using SendGrid or other services gets expensive, especially since they have hard limits for each plan.

Amazon's SES has a pay-as-you-go setup, which is significantly cheaper, but I would have to convert to SES instead of SendGrid.

I would really like to see an episode similar to parsing inbound emails (https://gorails.com/episodes/inbound-email-with-rails) but focused on Amazon SES as a much more affordable and scalable solution.

Awesome job as always on your videos!

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    Chris, thanks for posting that, I wasn't aware that Griddler supported SES already!

    I'd also like to see an additional episode on parsing inbound emails that uses the application as the middle-man for a conversation between 2 people so that the application has a copy of all the relevant communication between a business and their clients.

    The use case is a site that tracks all communication between a business and their clients, but they don't want all of their email going into the application so they don't want to sync their entire mail system.

    Figuring out the combination of `In-Reply-To` and `References` headers has been a bit tricky for me, so any additional episodes that dive into those details are awesome! I've been reading the RFC on internet messages, and it's helpful but takes me a while to learn it all.

    I believe 37Signals' HighRise app does something like this, where you have a custom email address you can use to "submit" relevant emails to the application so it has an official record.

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